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Vital Capital is offering access to a unique trading program for Impact Investment project funding. Specialising in infrastructure and environmental financing, our role is the co-ordination and pre-approval of organisations or projects that qualify for funding. Our scheme is more important in today’s environment when traditional lending is ever more difficult to secure.

Project Finance

Deposit trading program for large project financing requirements for major developments

Funding Specialists

For large projects with funding requirements for infrastructure, social or environmental finance.

Environmental Funding

Green funds are so important today with traditional lending difficult to secure.

Green Finance

Normally an investor has high interest rates plus repayment of the loan to consider. There are alternatives!


By utilising our structured financing scheme your capital will be secured without risk.

Vital Capital

Having all the facts and advice in hand, an informed decision can be made - that’s truly smart business!

Vital Capital

Are you planning to expand your business ? Are you working on a new project or a large acquisition ?